The main objects of KNNL are:
1.     Plan, investigate, estimate, build, operate and maintain irrigation projects and also the works of Malaprabha and Ghataprabha-CADA (M & GP CADA) in the Krishna river basin of Karnataka, excluding the Upper Krishna Project being built by the Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam Limited.
2.    Prepare detailed project reports and estimates of such irrigation projects and build them..
3.      Resettle and rehabilitate people affected by the building of irrigation projects.
4.      Protect and improve the overall environment through appropriate measures, including treatment of the catchment areas of irrigation projects and afforestation.
5.     Maintenance of irrigation projects, draw up fresh standards /specifications, where necessary, and enforce modern quality assurance procedures
6.      Promote schemes for flood control in the project areas.
7.     Promote schemes for navigation in the rivers where irrigation projects are being implemented and for leisure activities, fisheries, etc. in the water bodies of these projects.
8.     Promote adoption of modern irrigation methods like sprinkler, drip, etc. and the use of new materials and technologies in building irrigation projects and
9.     Promote schemes for utilizing water from the irrigation projects built by the Company.



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