Electronic Tendering Procedure

KNNL has introduced electronic tendering process to enhance transparency through automation in the tendering process in addition to the conventional tendering procedure. In this electronic tendering process the tender document can be obtained as well as bids are submitted to electronic tender box through internet.

Interested contractors can register for the Electronic Tendering program to understand and use the electronic tendering system. For further details on training program, contact the respective Executive Engineer's office or Managing Director, Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Ltd.,

1. In electronic tendering the contractor will have to request through web site. Send the form fee (DD/BC) to the concerned office through courier or post or any method so as to reach the Tendering Authority on or before the date of issuing the tender documents.

2. After receiving the tender documents from the web site, fill them and submit the completed tender documents in to the electornic tender box online before the last date and time of submission of completed tender documents.

3. In electronic tendering, the contractor is required to attach his scanned signature to the Schedule 'B' for submitting the document.

4.EMD document should be scanned and attached to tender document and original EMD document should be submitted to concerned KNNL office before the date of opening.

5. Further information about electronic tendering may be had from the concerned division office during office hours.